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CALIHASH is a self-funded Los Angeles based company, shaped in the pursuit of the best quality Ice water hash products, proudly presenting our line of blended tailor-made pre-rolls, hash infused for the California recreational and medical cannabis market.

 We at CALIHASH choose only the finest California produced indoor grown cannabis to bring you an unparalleled ice water hash experience. By using water, our extraction process is extremely gentle, entirely solvent less and fundamentally respects the integrity of the original cannabinoid profile.

Product Description

Ice water hash, also known as Bubble Hash, is crafted by sinking fresh Cannabis biomass in ice water to freeze the trichomes. The delicate trichomes are agitated softly, separating the active ingredients from the rest of the plant material. This trichomes are filtered through a series of micron filters to extract the Bubble Hash.

Raw Ice Water Hash

Raw CALIHASH ensures freshness and full trichome structure by using the vacuum freezing drying technique, it is presented with a grainy sticky texture and really potent aroma and terpene profile.

Pressed Ice Water Hash

Pressed CALIHASH is an ice water extracted hash, cold room temperature traditionally cured and manually pressed to homogenize trichome heads, presented as temple balls and pressed bricks.

Ice Water Hash Infused Pre rolls

CALIHASH infused pre-rolls are created using only the best premium flower buds, always infused with our ice water hash and combined with two different hash drying techniques, vacuum freezing and traditionally dry-cured.


We believe in single source strain selections from the most reputable cultivators. Our lab process ensures quality, consistency, and cleanliness in all our brand lines, guaranteeing a full profile variety and high cannabinoid levels.

Our Founder Michael Domecq has developed the CALIHASH extraction process from a lifetime of experience which manifests itself most profoundly as respect for all of the plant properties.

 CALIHASH ice water extraction uses a completely solvent less and gentle process to gently separate the trichome from the plant material to ensures a clean and unadulterated cannabinoid profile



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