Raw CALIHASH ensures freshness and full trichome structure by using the vacuum freezing drying technique, it is presented with a grainy sticky texture and really potent aroma and terpene profile.


Total Cannabinoid 71%

Herbal, Peppery & Citrus

Mass Energy | Positive Introspection

THCa  67%  | CBDa | A9THC

Pineapple Cake

Total Cannabinoid 71%

Herbal, Pine & Mint

Mind relaxation | Muscle Calm

THCa  65%  | CBGa | A9THC

Blackberry Kush

Total Cannabinoid 71%

Herbal Pine & peppery

Mind relaxation | Happy Calm

THCa  67%  | CBGa | A9THC

Pressed Ice Water Hash

Pressed CALIHASH is an ice water extracted hash, cold room temperature traditionally cured and manually pressed to homogenize trichome heads, presented as temple balls and pressed bricks.

Ice Cream Cake

Total Cannabinoid 71%

Citrus, Floral & Peppery

Relaxed mind | Happy Calm

THCa  70%  | CBGa | A8THC

Blueberry Haze

Total Cannabinoid 65%

Herbal, Pine & Peppery

Euphoric Relax | Good Focus

THCa  55%  | CBDa | A9THC


Total Cannabinoid 71%

Herbal, Pine & Mint

Mind relaxation | Happy Calm

THCa  73%  | CBDa | A9THC


CALIHASH infused pre-rolls are created using only the best premium flower buds, always infused with our ice water hash and combined with two different hash drying techniques, vacuum freezing and traditionally dry-cured.

Mac flower Ice Water Hash Sunset Sherbert

Total Cannabinoid 33%

Citrus, Peppery & Floral

Happy Mind

THCa  27%  | CBGa | A9THC

Lemon Breath Flower Ice Water Hash Lambs Bread

Total Cannabinoid 35%

Peppery, citrus & hoppy

Creativity Boost

THCa  30%  | CBGa | A9THC

OG Flower Ice Water Hash Lambs Bread

Total Cannabinoid 35%

Peppery,Citrus & Herbal

Mind and body relaxation

THCa  35%  | CBGa | A9THC

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